Established in 2017, our mission is to promote, share, and adopt sustainability efforts in the Quaker Valley community and beyond. We meet once a month and work consistently to make our little corner of the world a “greener” place.

Some efforts include:

  • Weekly Curbside Food Scrap Collection (for composting) with Zero Waste Wrangler
  • Seasonal social media challenges such as Cut Your Carbon Footprint
  • coordination and sponsorship of Zero Waste Events (see the SCGC website for donation link)
  • Correspondence and conversations with elected officials
  • Plastic reduction in local schools and restaurants
  • Advocacy for electric vehicles and local charging stations through offshoot SEVA
  • Advocacy for zero energy building through offshoot ZEBA
  • Tours of a local “passive house”
  • Partnerships with the QVCOG and the Pennsylvania Resources Council to push for waste reduction and better recycling options
  • Sponsorship of glass and E-waste collection
  • Promotion and support of local merchants and refill/bulk purchasing vendors

Please check out our website and follow Sustainable Sewickley on Instagram and Facebook.

You’ll find us on Twitter @SustainableQV.

Let’s come together to sow the seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

© 2021 Sewickley Civic Garden Council
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