The Sewickley Civic Garden Council was organized in June 1963 by a group of women who were concerned about the deterioration of Sewickley’s central business district. The Council worked to promote Operation Facelift, a preservation project to enhance the individuality and charm of the business district.

In May 1965, the first May Mart was held. In 1968, the Council contributed to the passage of a new litter ordinance. In 1970, the care of Wolcott Park was taken over by the council, and it was redesigned and replaced. Further improvements were implemented in 1979 and again in 1988 and 2005.

In 1981, Peggy Rea designed the one-acre, two-part entrance to the community that has become known as Park Place. The Memorial Tree fund led the fundraising effort and the park was dedicated in 1983. Club members spent many years thereafter watering, weeding, replanting, and pruning in the park.

Other important projects over the years have included the first Gypsy Moth Symposium in 1982; entrance and pool plantings at the YMCA; support of the Little Sewickley Creek Watershed Association, the Sewickley Commercial Development Corporation, and Ohio riverfront design projects; landscaping around the Sewickley Community Center, the Edgeworth and Sewickley community buildings, the post office, the library, the municipal parking areas, and D.T. Watson Hospital.

In 1997, the Council recognized that many individuals in the community, who were not members of a garden Club, shared our mission and wished to participate in the ongoing efforts of the Council. The name of the organization was changed to the Sewickley Civic Garden Council to create a broader base of involvement.

The Council, comprised of four garden clubs including Grapevine Garden Club, Little Garden Club, Trowel and Error Garden Club, Village Garden Club, as well as Sustainable Sewickley, continues to stimulate interest and influence action toward preserving and improving the appearance of the Sewickley area.

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